County to Purchase Land at Token Creek

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has announced the intent to purchase 54 acres of land in the Town of Burke including a 3/4 mile stretch of Token Creek and 20 acres of mixed hardwood and  pine/spruce forest. The property would be managed as part of the Token Creek Natural Resource Area and may also be classified as a wildlife area.

Token Creek, which flows into the upper Yahara River at Cherokee Marsh, provides nearly half of the base flow of water for Lake Mendota. The County, along with other governmental units and nonprofit organizations, has actively worked on water quality and habitat improvement measures for many years to protect and enhance this resource.

A resolution approving the purchase was introduced Thursday, January 12 to the Dane County Board. Once approved by the board and signed by Dane County Executive Parisi county will close on the property later this spring.

We wrote about a restoration project at Token Creek in our June/July 2015 newsletter.

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