Updates provided on park projects

We’ve checked with City staff for updates on the new North Unit entrance and trails, the North Unit’s closed restrooms, and the improved paddlecraft launch.

New parking lot and trails (North Unit)

Last year, we reported on plans to move the North Unit’s entrance gate about a half mile to the south, near the current park boundary on N. Sherman Ave. Just inside the gate will be a new parking area with access to new trails that connect to the current trail system. These plans are in the works for completion this year.

Also proposed last year was a new trail loop at the north end of the park. Concern about how to route the trail across wetlands has delayed development of this trail.

Read our original article at:

Restroom closure (North Unit)

Why are the restrooms in the North Unit still closed? Since 2013, the restrooms have been open from April through October with a portable toilet on site the rest of the year. This year, an ongoing problem with bacteria in the well water has kept the restrooms closed into summer.

We are encouraging Parks to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible or at minimum, to ensure that the portable toilet is checked frequently and to obtain permission to open the restrooms even if the water isn’t drinkable.

Canoe/kayak launch (Cherokee Park)

The improved canoe/kayak launch in Cherokee Park along Burning Wood Way is scheduled for completion later this summer. Next year, the paddlecraft racks in the park will be moved to a location closer to the launch, and the current racks will be replaced with lower-profile racks. To find out about storing watercraft on these or other city racks, visit:


Literature box (North Unit)

The next time you visit the North Unit, check out the literature box Parks has mounted on the signboard. We hope to keep the box stocked with trail maps and Nature Passports for kids.

Of course you can also find these items on our website and Naturenet (for Nature Passports).

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